Review for Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

(#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-11-25

Name: Ellie or Tiara
Nickname: ?
Age: 3
Your Dad:Either Gerard or Frank! Pleaseeeee!
What job you want in the future: From a little kids perspective... a billionaire or a princess
Looks: Slightly curly dark brown hair, big brown eyes,ivory skin, small,hair length is medium short.
Fears: The dark. Bugs. Scary movies.
Likes:Puppies, the color pink, ice cream, being held by her dad, spending time with her dad, playing tea party and coloring
Dislikes:being ignored, being told no, and getting in trouble
Anything Else: Hmm... She's very affectionate, and likes being the center of attention. Very cute, very curious

Thanks for the consideration