Review for Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

Auditions for another story mi amigas ;)

(#) Ravan-VanSlaughter 2012-11-25

Name: Raven Vannacut
Nickname: Rae or Rave
Age: 18 (or whatever)
Your Boyfriend: Ray
Job: Forensic Pathologist
Looks: Shoulder length firey red hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, quite short- same height as Frank
Likes: Her job (bit of a workoholic), Horror movies, hevey metal music
Dislikes: Kids! (Very much) Chavs, tarts ect...
How You Met Your Boyfriend: They were being held hostage at the comic book store one time, the thief was getting impaitant and started shooting at everyone in the store, when Raven and Ray's eyes met they decided to just go for it as their life would be over soon and kissed... but then the police came before they were killed and decided to keep in touch and have been together ever since (yeah I know kinda weird and would probably never happen in real life but hey what the hell? XD)
Anything Else: As much as she loves her job she will always make time for Ray Ray =) XD