Review for Pretty bird *for CosmicZombie's music and words*

Pretty bird *for CosmicZombie's music and words*

(#) CosmicZombie 2012-11-27

I love your style of writing. Really poetic and interesting and original- I particularly loved this line; ‘Daydreams never hatching and slowly rotting into new shapes and wishes’. The story was very interesting; there was a feel to it I really like, but I couldn’t quite explain why. There was so much truth in it, and I liked the slightly fragmented way in which it was told, it just fitted so well. Overall, I think it was really intriguing and subtly deep. It was so refreshing to read something with such an original style, thank you very much for posting this.

Author's response

Well, I primarily consider myself a poet, which might explain a few things :P

I'm very flattered, since I myself quite admire your work, and I'm still not even remotely used to this amount of praise. So.

Anyway, thank you, and glad you liked it :)