Review for Auditions for the story after HCH

Auditions for the story after HCH

(#) Shayla_boo 2012-12-03

Imma audition for your child. ^______^
whispers Anyone miss me? :L I was on holiday in South Dakota with no wifi and many buffaloes. >___< They fuzzy.

Name: Shayla Dayne/Iero/Whateveryawantmetobe! ;D winks

Nickname: Say or Gracey (Grace is my middle name)

Part: yo baby. CAUSE I WAS LIKE BABY, BABy, BABY. OHHHHHHH LIKE BABY. . . . . . ? O__o

Hair: dark chestnut brown, choppy, short

Eyes: wide and hazel

Which other guy should be a father?: Ray. :D Haha idk.

Anything else?: Care to be my mommy?