Review for End Result

End Result

(#) helluin 2006-11-10

Very well-written and dark, and quite an unusual take on the two characters. But I definitely can see them interacting this way. It does help somewhat in explaining what on earth Isaaru was doing playing game show host -- a cover for something else. And it catches the honorable yet slightly tainted character of Baralai.

I can't help but sigh. "I don't like this, but the way you say things." -- the second half of that sentence is a fragment, and I can't quite make out the meaning. Hm?

Author's response

AAAH! That was a mistake! It was supposed to be "I don't like this, but the way you say things..."

It was meant to drift off. (CRY). Anyway, it means that even though he doesn't like what is going on, he is still persuaded to do what must be done. Something like that. Thank you for your comments!