Review for Hi Guys!

Hi Guys!

(#) LaurentheHuman 2012-12-06

HIYA. I iz a Lauren. ^_^

Who are you related to on here?
What have you read so far thatt you like?
You should totally read Mirazal's stories. Despite her words, their awesometastic.
Do you believe in unicorns?
Are you married?
What's your actual name?
Favourite book?
Cats or dogs?
How old are you?
Isn't "bunnies" just a great word?

Welcome to ficwad, my dear. :D

Author's response

Hello Lauren!

I'm not telling you just yet :)

The only specific name I can remember is Honeysuckle Care Home.

They are pretty good.



Gem McDuncan

I like too many to have a favourite!

For bandoms or any fandoms? I'm not a huge bandom shipper, but I do ship multiple anime characters... In the case of anime, it's a tie between Spamano and Shinobu/Miyagi.

I like both equally.

I'm 20.

I love bunnies.

Thank you!