Review for Hi Guys!

Hi Guys!

(#) Sam41 2012-12-06

Hai; I'm Sam/Kassper/Skye (alter-egos -shrugs-)
Questions questions hmmmm -rubs non-existant beard-
ARE YOU HYPER?(okay sorry bout that)
Do you like lip rings?
Piercings or tattoos (they're always sexy)
How old are you hmmm?
What would you do if I were to randomly throw an icecube at you?
Have you ever suffered through the irony of choking on a lifesaver?(Most.Ironic.Thing.Ever)
What if; I were to randomly comment..WE SHOULD BE BEST FRIENDS OR SOMETHING!!
Well I should go before you think I've lost my mind/i'm on drugs/adhd
-waves like a dumbass while singing Marianas Trench-

Author's response

Hi. I'm Gem.

I can be.

Yes, yes I do... which is good, since my husband has one.

It depends on the location, really.

I'm 20.

I'd probably try and catch it in my mouth.

Yes, actually. It's so weird.

I would agree with you.