Review for The 9 Month After Party

The 9 Month After Party

(#) Ravan-VanSlaughter 2012-12-10

Babies ruin women's figures, all they do is eat you out of house and home, cry and shit... which you have to deal with! They also keep you awake at night... is that really what you want at that age?
Sorry teenage pregnacies piss me off, I have to give a whole list of reaons why it shouldn't be aloud, a teenager's job is to stay out all night with friends and get pissed... getting laid comes later but that's why you need to use PROTECTION!! XD

Author's response

YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE STORY!!! Haha. I know though. I didn't get pregnant, nor did I get anyone pregnant. I'm a good girl... also fucking ugly according to loads of guys, but oh well. Haha. As long as Frank likes me, that's all I really want. Haha. WE WERE DRUNK!!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! Haha. :D xx