Review for Rot & Ruin Auditions

Rot & Ruin Auditions

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-11

Part: Badass

Name: Daniella Georgson

Nickname(s): Dani


Hair: blood red, wavy, past her shoulders

Eyes: green

Height/weight: 5'5, 110 pounds

Skin tone: pale

Anything else with looks?: nope

Clothes(remember this is after the apoclypse, no fancy ass shit): plaid shirts, faded jeans, and worn out converse

Personality: comes off as sweet, can be a real bitch, loves killing stuff, isn't very bright, tough, and she gets mad easily

Likes: blood, seeing people in pain, killing stuff, singing while she's killing stuff, and apples

Dislikes: people beating her in anything, rats (so she kills them), and not eating apples

Leader or follower?: Leader. She is tough enough to be a leader.

How do you feel about killing zombies?: LOVES IT MORE THAN JOSH OMG