Review for Rot & Ruin Auditions

Rot & Ruin Auditions

(#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-12-11

Part: Town Artist, or Nix.

Name: Rosalinn Dane

Nickname(s): Ros, Rose

Age: 25 (you didn't ask but oh well)

Hair: Blue-black, to her ribs, usually tied in a scruffy ponytail or plait. Her bangs fall into her eyes.

Eyes: Dark, piercing blue. Framed with thick, black lashes.

Height/weight: 6"1, 58 kg.

Skin tone: Pale. As in holyshitissheaghost

Anything else with looks?: She has her nose pierced, she has a lip ring, and she has "rebel love song" tattooed on her wrist. She also has a Batman tattoo on her forearm, to match Andy.

Clothes(remember this is after the apoclypse, no fancy ass shit): Usually a tight, ripped black t-shirt, tight black pants and combat boots.

Personality: Snappy, cheeky, sarcastic. A bit of a flirt. Very sweet towards people she knows. Very good with a gun.

Likes: Drawing (duhh), music, her fiancé, hot chocolate, coffee, guns.

Dislikes: Zombies, leaving Andy, clowns.

Leader or follower?: Leader.

How do you feel about killing zombies? She usually sends Andy out to do it, but she does love a good zombie-killing spree.

Pairing: ANDY BIERSACK. They're engaged :3