Review for Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-11-12

I think the Joy Division should also work on inscreasing the number of reviews everybody´s getting. Only when the author checks them they find out that it´s not really comments on the story but just strange (12) and Austrian (by definition "ODD") ramblings about "alex having to suck it" and "crystal being told she is [13]". I got 5 hours of sleep, I´m tired too. But I´m loving it. Thank you, ficwad.

Author's response

as i told crystal, we are going to have to change our name. apparently the joy division was this group of women set up in a brothel at some nazi concentration camp, and by using the name "the joy division" we could possibly offend joe and i make it a point to never mess with jewish kids that have fros.

i'm sorry about your lack of sleep. it makes me want to go review stories and spam the review section with useless information about nazi concentration camps and "emo" shoes. oh, and what is our theme song goind to be? and where in the hell is katy? we need her to bring the plonk and good cheer, dammit