Review for Just fucking disgusted right now.

Just fucking disgusted right now.

(#) ValentineRevenge 2012-12-22

Seriously, you should never call someone fat, it hurts a lot, especially if that person has body image and self confidence situations. Hel, eveni f they don't that doesn't mean that it doesn't still hurt and could lead them to have those kinds of situations in the future... God, I'm disgusted by some people.

Ash, you're fcking gorgeous, you hear me? Never let any little fuckwad tell you something different from that. Never let anyone call you fat, because studies prove most of the time that people bully/abuse others is because either they were bullied/abused, or just want to make themselves look stronger.

The truth of the matter is, there's no glory in bullying someone on the edge just to make yourself look stronger. Because in the end, you'll just make yourself look weak as fuck.

If you ever need anything, anything at all email me, or just show up at my house at 3 AM. I have backrubs and feet massages waiting for you to make you feel better, no perversion intended. Seriously though, you deserve something that would make you feel happy and forget about those bitches that call you that.

And if you decide to go purge or cut, I will be right there next to you with bandages and to hold your hair back.