Review for As Days Fade, And Nights Grow

As Days Fade, And Nights Grow

(#) MrsWayBeckett 2012-12-27

Oh my gosh!
How in the fucking fuck did I not notice this story?
You miss are AMAZING!
this story is fantastic! I think there's something between her and Gee but at the same time I think the same with Frank and ughhh
You NEED to update soon! Pleeeeeeeeeasa.
Your chapters are the perfect lenght and the story isn't too dramatic but at the same time it really fraws your attention. I sure hope Mikey comes back before he gets raped out there in Jersey. xD

Fucking love you :D

Author's response

My eyes just bulged out as I read your review, you're being way too kind!

I'm so happy that you like the story, I know where I am going with this and the only reason to my sometimes slow updating rate is that I don't always know how to get there, if you know what I mean.. Like, I see the entire story finished and all before my eyes but I don't want to jump into the 'parts in the middle' right away and then I get kind of stuck thinking about what's next..

I can't imagine how stupid all that must've sounded, lol, that's me babbling while uncomfortable...