Review for Auditions...Again!


(#) Sam41 2012-12-28

Name: Anabelle Skye Iero
Nickname: Skye (she will kick your ass if you call her Ana/Anabelle)
Age: Whateva' you need
Part and backup: Frank's adopted sister
Personality: Acts badass and more punk-rock ish
Hair- Like this (worn and looks the same way)
Eyes- Black (you can't see where her pupil is) with light (really light) specks of gold
Skin- Pale, with a natural redness in her cheeks
Family life(Not too intense. These one shots are supposed to be comedic.): Adopted by the Iero family when she was 1.5; grew up being protected by an overprotected Frank, who hates Jimmy...WAIT A SEC YOU KNOW THIS PART
Anything else?: Acts badass but is actually really nice