Review for Personalized One-Shots!

Personalized One-Shots!

(#) tmbfucks 2012-12-30

Title: (Yes, you get to pick!) Baby Boom? I don't really know. You can pick. Haha. :D
Characters: (must be MCR members) All of them if you can. :)
Era: When they were recording TBP.
Any pairings: Frank and I. My Anne's Penina Dayne, and this is me: My eyes are greener than that, and I'm 5'3. An inch and a half shorter than Frankie. :3
Location: The hospital, and maybe a cut scene to the recording studio? :D
What you would like to see in the story: I go into labour after a long pregnancy, and I try to phone Frank, my husband and the father, but he's in the middle of recording so his phone is off. Instead, I call my mum to take me to the hospital, and get her to make sure he's there for the birth. At the end, he makes it just in time after a load of angry and stressed voicemails along with the band. Haha. :D
Random word/sentence you would like to see randomly thrown into the story: 'Oh, that's just our codeword for the baby's coming. Pass the sandwiches. I'm starving!'
Other details: I'm originally from London, but I think that's it. I hope I get a oneshot!!! :D