Review for Personalized One-Shots!

Personalized One-Shots!

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-30

Title: (Yes, you get to pick!)

Characters: (must be MCR members) All of them, if possible.

Era: Black Parade

Any pairings: Bob and Jen

Location: a couple...backstage, at Jen's house...I don't know!

What you would like to see in the story: Ummmmm.... Jen is a sound tech for MCR. She also prefers hanging out with guys over girls, so she hangs out with the guys in the band, much to her older brother's horror. She tells him nothing is happening and they're all just friends. But then, she falls in love with Bob and he falls in love with her. They date in secret from her older brother, and things go well, until she's pregnant and has to tell her older brother. He hates Bob, the fact that she's pregnant, and the fact that she dated someone, but comes to terms with it in the end

Random word/sentence you would like to see randomly thrown into the story: "Potato"

Other details: Her name is Jennifer Flores, she's Mexican American, and her and her brother share a house.