Review for Personalized One-Shots!

Personalized One-Shots!

(#) LaurentheHuman 2012-12-30

Title: Summer of Like
(Oh wow. How original Lauren. You can choose anything you want. xD)

Characters: Would you mind a MyChem member and then someone from a different band? Say a Mikey Way and a Pete Wentz? :3

Era: Revenge

Any pairings: Pikey. I fucking love Pikey, okay.

Location: Warped Tour '05

What you would like to see in the story: Fluffy fluff, please.

Random word/sentence you would like to see randomly thrown into the story: I love you, pretty boy. (I'm sorry. I'm just so like... fluff-horny. Is that a thing? Well that's what I am.)

Other details: :D