Review for AUDITIONS!!!!


(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-12-31

Name: Amber Colton
Age(no older than 18): 17
Weapon of choice: gun
One skill that you would bring to the group (tracking, hunting, fishing, etc...): shes pretty good at tracking, shes been out and about alot so she knows her way around.
Appearance(eyes, skin, hair, etc..): Hair: (although you cant see it on this picture the length goes just below her chest) Eyes: Sea green. Skin: Pale but tans easily. Height: around 5'1. Weight: Skinny with curves. Clothes: . Tattoo's/piercings: . Accessories (Bracelets. Necklaces, Rings ect):
Part: wild person
What is one trait you have that would bring down the group(don't like the cold, not used to living off land, etc...): dont like bugs eg: spiders, ear wigs, beatles so shes not a fan of sleeping outside
A brief background of the character: Amber loved her life and her family and friends, she lived life to the full, she had 2 younger 1 brother: Raven 14 and a sister: Poppy 10. Amber loved playing guitar and singing and she'd often teach Raven to play guitar in her spare time and give Poppy make overs. When the apocalypse happened she was distraught that she had lost her family and friends. She hates to talk about her family if people ask her about her past she'll snap.

Hope you liked it :)

~Lu lu xoxo