Review for AUDITIONS!!!!


(#) LaurentheHuman 2012-12-31

Name: Lucas Retruat
Age(no older than 18): 18
Weapon of choice: His fists

One skill that you would bring to the group (tracking, hunting, fishing, etc...): Trapping
Appearance(eyes, skin, hair, etc..): Short, black hair. Little, hazel eyes. Very tan. Tall and well built.
Part: One of the Wild Men

What is one trait you have that would bring down the group(don't like the cold, not used to living off land, etc...): He's always talking to his girlfriend out loud. It scares off animals and things of the sort.

A brief background of the character: He was raised in California by his dad. He moved out at 16 and got an apartment with girlfriend of two years at the time. On their four year anniversary the apocalypse hit and his girlfriend became a creature. He loved her so much that it made him insane when she became one.