Review for Calm Before The Storm

Calm Before The Storm

(#) NotKissingYouGoodBye 2012-12-31

I love you, don't worry bout the story just worry about yourself. Hold on and just don't let go.

Frank Iero- "We are here as a reminder that this world is NOT better off without you."

Gerard Way- "Nothing is worth hurting yourself over. do you understand me?"

I know how it feels you are not alone, I wish i could hug you right now (sorry if that sounds creepy). What i do is turn my music up loud (MCR) and try to lose myself in the sound, Sometimes it doesn't work but it dose make me feel better most of the time. .XOXO. X_O

Author's response

No, hugs are what I really could do with right now

MCR is what always keeps me going, but last night, I just broke down completely and hit rock bottom. I have music playing to keep me distracted, I've tried writing out my feelings but it only brought me to tears and made me feel even worse, when usually it helps me a lot