Review for Auditions


(#) Sam41 2013-01-02

Part: Eponine(did I spell that right?)
Name: Sam Wesley Alexx (Goes by Alexx)
Age (21+): 21
Appearance (Split for detail.):
Hair style and color: worn/looks exactly like this
Eye color (You can also include shape if you want.): Silver blue with light green tints
Skin tone: Pale-ish with natural colour in her cheeks
Figure (Short, tall, thin, chubby, etc.): Medium height, slim
Clothing (The character based on Javert will be in a uniform, so this part doesn't need to be filled out if that's the part you want. Also, note that the other characters are fairly poor, so nothing too fancy.): A baggy black Sum 41 hoodie with a pair of ripped jeans (not bought ripped, worn out kind of ripped), beat up converse with her black and grey striped beanie
Personality: Laid back, bubbly, shy around people she doesn't know
Anything else: Plays bass and draws