Review for Auditions


(#) HatedEyes 2013-01-02

Part: Marius.

Name: Raven James DaVinci

Age (21+): 23

Appearance (Split for detail.):

Hair style and color: Blue-black, with bangs that fall over his eyes. Scraggly, goes to his jawline.

Eye color (You can also include shape if you want.): Almond shape, dark blue.

Skin tone: Deathly pale, almost white.

Figure (Short, tall, thin, chubby, etc.): Tall (6"3) and

Clothing (The character based on Javert will be in a uniform, so this part doesn't need to be filled out if that's the part you want. Also, note that the other characters are fairly poor, so nothing too fancy.): Tight black jeans, long sleeved black and grey striped v-necks and a black Rocky Horror hoodie. Also, a pair of black buckled Doc Martins that go to his mid-calf.

Personality: Mysterious, shy. Keeps to himself and doesn't talk much. When he does talk, it's very deep and poetic and meaningful. He's often overlooked by most.

Anything else: He's an artist by trade, but yearns to be a poet.