Review for Auditions


(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2013-01-03

Part: Eponine

Name: Mia (I'm not sure what the last name will be.)

Age (21+): 21

Appearance (Split for detail.):
Hair style and color: jet black, extremely curly, to my chest, messy, a dark purple ribbon is in it

Eye color (You can also include shape if you want.): big and dark brown

Skin tone: russet coloured

Figure (Short, tall, thin, chubby, etc.): short as fuck, tiny

Clothing (The character based on Javert will be in a uniform, so this part doesn't need to be filled out if that's the part you want. Also, note that the other characters are fairly poor, so nothing too fancy.): ripped black skinnies, turquoise converse, a dark purple tank top under a turquoise leather jacket, neon pink fingerless leather gloves

Personality: sassy, bubbly, sweet, impulsive, daring, easily upset, a thinker

Anything else: Well. I read the book. Loved it. Seen the old movie. Loved it. Want to see the musical and what recently came out. :3 I'm a huge fan of Le Mis. c: