Review for Bodysnatcher


(#) nerds_assemble 2013-01-05

Ahmygawd. What did he forget?????!!!

This was awesome, as it always is. :)

About the book do you mean? Like, I give you the name of one of my stories and you make a cover for it? Sounds awesome. I think I'd like to do that for my story "Your Dreams Are Not What They Seem"

It ain't finished...perhaps you could read a bit of it? I know there are a lot of chapters, but two of the chapters don't make any sense so just skip 'Mercy Dances in Your Hollow' and 'Valentines Day: November 1987'...they're like journal entries from one of the characters but you can't know who it is yet...mostly cause I don't know...


Author's response

thank youuuuu and yeah, i will ccheck out your story and then try and make you one