Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-14

this is by far the most intriguing thing I’ve read on FicWad.

the suspense of the situation is so abundant. the way it the story flows slowly helps develop a descriptive ambiance and it builds the anticipation.

showing pete as he slowly loses his mind by letting his paranoia get the best of him leaves us wondering what his next option is. i'm actually finding myself trying to piece the information together and wonder what the next step is. now there is no TV to communicate with him, so whoever abducted him has to reveal their identity.

gah. i'm on the edge of my seat. and you aren’t going to update for like, three days just to keep me here. you are a sick fuck. but i love you for it.

Author's response

Tru dat? ;) P.S.: I´m going to update soon. Or at least, I WANT to update soon... but I kinda put off some work for school that I need to catch up on. :I But I think I´ll probably (putting this as vaguely as I can) update this one before I put up the next Bass Files + PU chapters. DoJ... homework doing :(