Review for Tell Me What You Like!

Tell Me What You Like!

(#) Mirazal 2013-01-07

I definitely prefer OCs over slash. Spencer/OC is nice to read, and Frank/OC. (I will also say that for some weird reason I like it when people are paired with their real significant other, especially for MCR. It's weird, man.)

However, I do read slash fics sometimes, and Pikey is just adorable. Also, for as much as I love Ryan Ross, I ship Ryden like a motherfucker. Fics in which Ryan is in pain and Brendon comforts him are my weakness.

Author's response

I would really like to give slash an actual full blown attempt but it's so hard for me to write a guy... as a guy with a guy. I'm not against gay men or women getting together or anything... I guess I just don't get the workings of their relationships? And it's just hard for me to picture. I've always wanted to try it though.

I've noticed a few people like that on here but it's weird for me because... I don't mind writing Frank as a drug addict, or Gerard as an asshole... or Mikey as gay, but bringing their actual family members in to it? That somehow makes it personal for me, even though I don't know them and wouldn't be able to write them right... I just feel like I'd be crossing a line if I wrote that, you know? I'm pretty weird.

It is! O.o I love Mikey... but Pete and Mikey? I love that too. It's a conflict, but I adore it. Aww. Pikey is probably my ultimate weakness.

By slash above I mean male/male. I just learned I actually have no freakin' clue what slash is. O.o Awkward.