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Fic Ideas..

(#) FrankIsMySexGod 2013-01-07

Name: Penina Dayne
Killjoy Name: Mythomania Danger
Age (any age,I don't care): 15 please. :)
How long have you been with the killjoys: Since I was 7. I was almost dead in the desert, but the fabulous killjoy's saved me, and Frank and I have been best friends since. I just want something more with him.
Specialties: I love animals and kids and can get them to trust me. I'm good at getting people to listen, and I keep people entertained. I can cook too.
Weaknesses: I sometimes don't know when to shut up, I can't clean, and anything mechanical is beyond me. I get bored easily too.
Wanna date one of the killjoys: I think you know I do. ;)
If so,who? (you can also make up one of your own!): You already sorted it for me because you're the best! :D
Killjoy colours: Blue. I love blue! :D
Killjoy clothes:


Bottoms:,r:23,s:0,i:199 +



Gun details (Color, ect): but the inscription says Killjoys Never Die
Killjoy Mask: Put that in there. :D
Killjoy gun: Again, put it in there. :D
what is your killjoy logo:
Backstory: I was raised in the Jewish religion before I joined the killjoys, and I somehow got to maintain that while I was there. My family where killed, and I almost was too, but BLi didn't check me thoroughly enough and I was saved! :D Since then I've just been killjoying. :D
Opinion on BL/ind: I hate the bastards. I grew up to hate them, and I know what they're doing is wrong.
Opinion on Killjoys: I love them. They saved me, and Fun Ghoul is my best friend in the world. I just wish we were more than that.
Looks: I sent you that before. :D
Personality: You know. :D
Anything else you'd like me to know: I'm originally from London? :D xx

Author's response

Penina you are already in..