Review for Under City Lights

Under City Lights

(#) ReddyDevil 2013-01-12

This chapter really shows how much Brendon's changed. I mean, going from a total asshole who used and abused (metaphorically) girls for one-night stands, to someone who's there for his friends, and I think that's really sweet. And also, Juliet's starting to let him in, which should make for some more interesting developments. But while it was good to have a chapter that focused on those two, I gotta admit that I really wanna know what's happening on the Ryan/Jon and Spencer/Chelsea fronts. You've just got me, hook, line and sinker. :)

Author's response

:P It'll happen soon-ish. I just needed something for them, to show how they are trying to move along. Now it's all hooked up on Juliet since Brendon is there for her and... now comes the part that's hard to write lol.
Everything is hard for me to write lately. I'm lame like that.
Writers block.