(#) Mirazal 2013-01-16

Name: Isay Miranda Zarae

Nickname(S): Izzy, Mir :3

Age: 16

Part: You know. You fucking know.

Just gonna copy and paste from my OC post.

Looks (split for detail):
Height/weight: short (about 5'1"), slim but not skinny
Skin: light brown with an olive tint
Hair: black; short and choppy, almost buzzed underlayer in the back, two longer front pieces on the sides of her face, thick, choppy side bangs
Eyes: large, light brown, shaped like a fat almond, framed with thick black lashes; sometimes wears wire aviator style eyeglasses that seem kinda nerdy, will occasionally wear contacts
Nose: typical Asian nose
Mouth: curved lips that are always dark pink
Face (basic structure): round, with high cheekbones, slanted black eyebrows (in reality, my face is kind of chipmunkish in quality)

Personality/Attributes: is outgoing and friendly most of the time, but sometimes will get lost in thought and be really quiet, somewhat insecure, kind of crude, not very daring, sensitive to others' feelings, kind of random, silly, is really smart, is Grammar Hitler, thinks too much

Clothing (split for detail):
Shirts: usually graphic t shirts, band shirts, v necks, button down flannels, layered with black camisoles; tank tops are either band tanks or kinda feminine
Pants: usually, skinny jeans, especially her black ripped up pair, sometimes her dark blue pairs; wears either cuffed or ripped denim shorts when it's warm, either gray or dark blue; sometimes wears really feminine white skirts (but always pairs it with a black band shirt and combat boots)
Shoes: purple checkered Vans, ratty black high top Converse, black and white combat boots
Other: random crappy bracelets, lip ring (sometimes), plaid scarves, writes on herself in Sharpie sometimes (because I like the smell... haha no, I just like writing on myself), fuzzy hats

Likes: to draw, to sing, to paint, to wander aimlessly, to listen to music, to go to concerts, to be with friends, to force abstinence upon others, to browse the internet, to eat food, to swim (used to swim on a team), to read, to play guitar, to think, to slap bitches

Fucking fuck that's a lot of information you don't need. Sorreh. ._.

Fears: being in the dark, being sick, gross stuff

Talents: likes to write and paint and play piano and also FYI everyone I am amazing at spelling

How did you react when he suddenly began shoving abstinence down your throat?: was kind of freaked out at first but then after listening to him go on and on about it she eventually succumbed to the abstinence

Well I certainly hope that you pick me to be Ryan's girlfriend. Cough. Cough cough. ;)