Review for Polly


(#) ValentineRevenge 2013-01-20

This was actually something original, and I love the Stockholm Syndrome, and the way that it wasn't all spaced out, but at the same time was but in a perfect way, if that makes any sense. Like I'm glad you didn't have to document all the times Frank took a piss or something, and I'm glad that you showed time passing, and the way it worked was one minute it's Halloween night, then it's Christmas, but you didn't know how long has passed until you tell us. Very emotional though.

Author's response

The piss thing is actually something i struggled with at first when Frank was first drugged b/c I wasn't sure whether or not he would have pissed himself while unconscious but apparently many drugs make you really dehydrated so I decided to go with that.

Seriously though, i'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!!