Review for I'm sorry

I'm sorry

(#) Sam41 2013-02-03

Hey, I've been there; fuck I'm still there..

It sucks, but you have to remember at some point, nobody knows when, but at that point it's going to get better; everything will begin to work in your favor and life will seem amazing, trust me...

"It gets better, it always gets better. Life will never put you through more than you can handle"-Austin Carlile

If you want to rant/talk/anything hit me up at, and don't worry, I usually find a way to fuck up my own wonderfull days, plus someone talking to me about stuff that's happening doesn't wreck my moods at all (I find it kind of a way to boost my mood, because people don't think I'm a total cunt)

Author's response

Thank you for the offer its sweet really.

I just can't find the confidence or anything to take you up on it. The last time I opened up to someone I was threatened to be killed.

Also I don't think your a little cunt because if you were you wouldn't be trying to help me.