Review for Awake and Unafraid

Awake and Unafraid

(#) tdeeley 2013-02-04

Holy fucking Frankie!
I'm so happy you updated man!!!
My love for this story is like Tristans love for Gerard. hehe (Awake and Unafraid reference)
It was amazing Trist and Gee are so cute together I just need more.
I think its fair to say I am addicted to this story. I love everything about it, how its written, the story line, the twists, and the author! hehe.
Thankyou so much for updating and update again soon :D

T xoxo

P.S This story made me late for school because I wanted to stay off and read it hehehe.

Author's response

Sorry you were late for school lol.

I love this story too.

I hope to have a new chapter up by the end of the week!!!

Outline is done!!