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the wait is over

(#) JayBVB 2013-02-07

Name: Sam Wesley Alexx (Goes by Alexx)

Part: I would prefer the love intrest, but whatever

Age: Whatever you need

Appearance: Her hair is dyed like Jack Barakat's skunk hair, goes to her shoulders, worn down and backcombed slightly; has silver blue eyes with a slight green tint.
Wears band tees (blink 182, Sum 41, Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, etc.) with a pair of ripped/worn skinnys and a random pair of shoes (Converse, vans, toms)

Style: Punk/ Scene and emo

Tattoos/Piercing: Viper bites on the right side

How often do you go to the band's shows when they are on tour?: As much as she can

How do you react when Cat and Dallon join the band?: Her initial reaction was "oh hi there" she was really suprised because she prefered Ryan and Jon

What do you feel about Cat and Brendon dating?: Think's Brendon has resorted to crack and other types of drugs; thinks he's fucked up for dating her

How do you treat Cat?: Nice, but isn't totally fond of her

Do you believe in the supernatural?: Yups, especially paranormal shit

What kind of music do you listen to?: Going from punk rock to screamo/hard rock

How did you feel when Panic split at first?: Really sad, thought they where done forever..