Review for Awake and Unafraid

Awake and Unafraid

(#) jack-the-ripper 2013-02-12

Ha, I cracked up at Frank's 'yeah you better be', sometimes I forget that Tristan is Frank's little sister and then reading that and realizing how fucking awkward it would be to be dragged into a conversation like that with your siblning sitting not two feet from you.. :D
I loved the beginning, the dream, it took my breath away. it was confusing and inconsistant as dreams usually are, she had no idea what had happened or where she was or why she did the things she did.. it was scary, and haunting in a way.
I keep getting these warm fuzzy feelings whenever Gerard and Trist are close to each other, so it was a perfect way to end the chapter!
By the way, have you noticed that even though all the chapters have gone green (as they fucking should,too) the story itself says unrated. It bugs me to end, really, cause it should show as green and rated 5 in the feed sfor the world of ficwaddians to see.. :/

Author's response

It should be green, but it's ok. I hope you guys continue to read it even though! I know it has some readers because you guys are amazing and you comment and I fucking love that.
Yea Frank is showing his big brother pants there. I thought it was funny.
I love writing dream sequences. They are crazy and haunting and just all over the place.
Thank you so much for always reading and commenting. I love you soo much, hah!!!