Review for Wrong Number

Wrong Number

(#) ReddyDevil 2013-02-23

Spencer and Ryan's 'date' made me grin and giggle so hard. Oh boys. (Spencer throwing the drumstick and hitting Brendon was just a classic! ;D)

This chapter was so emotional - for Christian, for Jon, for everyone, and you wrote it the way it needed to be written. Sometimes people dont play on emotion enough, and their characters can come seeming a bit robotic and cold-hearted, while others put too much emotion in and the readers pretty much drown in it while the characters are so emotional they sort of lose the plot. This was none of those. It was just perfect. I really love your Jon, I think he's amazingly sweet and perfect, dare I say it. Just, the way he's always there for Christian, and how he wants her to get better and overcome her fears, and ultimately Benjamin, is just... sighs

And I love Brendon's little comedic-relief section: "Fall Out Boy are back!" Fuck yeah, they are, and they're gonna take over the world. XD