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(#) tdeeley 2013-02-25

Hey Barry :3
I'm Taylor but I sign my name as T with an xoxo :)
I joined Ficwad on the 2012-08-15 and honestly its one of the best sites I've ever been on :)
The stories are sweet, the MCRmy is sweeter, its just all around awesome :3
Im 16, I live in England (Newcastle to be exact) my town sucks because the people here are musically challenged. I have a little sister who is 3 and an older sister who is 20.
I found my chemical romance last june and they changed my life (I used to be a girly girl wish an obsession of being liked but failing because I was too weird) But they taught me to be who I really was so now here I am wearing a homophobia is gay t shirt to school and getting punched in the face for being a fag (I'm bi-sexual).
I'm a pacifist, I'm Vegetarian and a strong believer of animal rights, I dont really have a favourite member of MCR because I just look up to them all the same amout but for different reasons but I just love Gerard Way because he's like an angel and I admire his indifference :)
I like to draw and I don't have any pets.
I Love: MCR,coffee, skittles, icecream, MSI, Shiloh, Onision, DOGS!, Batman, horror movies, my bass guitar (I called it unicorn), Art, Music, Comic books, video games blah blah blah.
I Hate: The dark, people who hate MCR, Homophobes, spiders, Call of duty, Marilyn Manson, swimming (im afraid of water) blah blah blah.
I realise i've rambled on and you probably don't care but whatever whats done is done now :)
Any way... welcome to the family :)

T xoxo

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Author's response

Hi Taylor! Thank you :3