Review for I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

(#) Sam41 2013-02-28

I have no right to say "OH GOD DON'T DO IT! YOUR SO WORTH IT"
Because I never talked to you, even though I regret it terribly.
I don't know if you've done it yet, and this probably will mean nothing (I know exactly where you come from, I've attempted suicide before; been there done that kind of thing)
But in all honesty, I'm being blunt.
Or burn, self harm pleeeeease
Why? No I'm not some lowlife cunt who says "oh don't kill yourself but you should self harm"
I say it because self harm is a temporary solution to temporary pain (it won't feel like it, but it is; trust me)
Once again, I wished I had the chance to talk to you; you seem fucking amazing, a shame you did this :(
(If you haven't done it, which I hope you haven't because nobody deserves the pain of taking their own life)
Listen to Someone, Somewhere by Asking Alexandria, I reccomend it
"Even though I'm on my own, I know I'm not alone. Cause I know that someone somewhere is praying that I make it home"
Someone cares about you,
Either way.
Please don't, my opinion does nothing; but I don't want to see you go out this way.