(#) BeccaIsNotOnFire 2013-03-09

Name: Missy Howell

Killjoy name: Electric Baby

Age: 18

Part: Killjoy

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Hair colour/style: Long straight pink hair that is dip dyed purple, with a spiked up fringe

Height/weight: Short and too skinny

Eyes colour/shape: Big, wide brown eyes

Make up: Thick black eyeliner with flicks

Scars: On my left arm

Tattoos: "Save Me While I'm Still Young" on my left wrist
"So Long and Goodnight" on my right wrist

Piercings: Twice on my earlobs, one cartilidge ring and a nose stud

Mask: Purple mask with a black lightning bolt across the left eye

Jacket: This is basically my whole killjoy outfit.

Logo/symbol: Black lightning bolt

Trousers: (look at the link)

Shoes: (look at the link)

Ray gun colour/style: Purple with black lightning strike

Personality- Kind and protective to those she loves and trusts but is short tempered and can be violent at times. But is also funny, chaotic, bit of a prankster and sarcastic.
How would you react to a celebrity?: Would probably hug them really tightly, maybe scream a bit. But if I met them more than once I would treat them like a normal friend.

Why are you a killjoy?: Because it helps control my anger and lets me be myself

What are your feelings on BLI?: FUCK YOU BLI

Any siblings or family?: A bitch of an older sister and my parents who I ran away from. You can pair me with anyone really I don't mind but if I get to choose then it would either be Mikey or Kellin from Sleeping With Sirens

(Detailed) Back story: Ran from home at the age of 15 when I could no longer stand the abuse I took from my sister Sara. As a result of her telling me how much of a freak I was I self harmed and became anorexic. I've starved myself since I was 14 and still do even after becoming a killjoy.