(#) Hozzie 2013-03-09

Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham

Killjoy name: Artistic Accident

Age: 16 but change to whatever you need ;L

Part: Female killjoy - Can I be Gee's girlfriend later on?:) It's okay if not ;L

Sexual Preference: Straight

Hair colour/style: Waist-length black hair, straight but curly towards the bottom.

Height/weight: I don't know exactly but small and skinny.

Eyes colour/shape: Blue... I don't know how to describe the shape? D: Big and innocent looking I guess?

Make up: She doesn't wear make-up, she doesn't like her appearance and doesn't believe make-up will make her look any better.

Scars: Scar on tongue where she split it open when she was 2. It goes right down the middle.

Tattoos: -

Piercings: -

Mask: Pink with a small heart in the corner :3

Jacket: Black with 'Artistic Accident' on the back in pink letters

Logo/symbol: A heart with an arrow through it

Trousers: Dark brown, loose, tight clothes annoy her.

Shoes: Pink sequin converse

Ray gun colour/style: Pink raygun

Personality- shy, quiet, friendly, funny, kind, crybaby, scaredy-cat, only brave when she has to be, protective.
How would you react to a celebrity?: Be shy around them like any other person she'd meet.

Why are you a killjoy?: Because her parents and sister were murdered by BLI and although she's afraid of them, she knows she has to do what's right.

What are your feelings on BLI?: She hates them.

Any siblings or family?: Her parents died and she although she was sad it was nothing compared to how she felt when her little sister Maxine died. She was 6.

(Detailed) Back story: She grew up with two parents and a little sister who was deaf but they were a sweet loving family until they moved from England to America for their Dad's job. BLI didn't believe that what her Dad was doing was right and it was against their rules so they killed her entire family. She just managed to escape.

Hope this was okay! :)

Love Hozzie