Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) cj_cold 2006-11-18

Nice story.

Do wonder who will Harry be paired with. Hopefully not his mother. Narcissa seems to be an option, she was intimidated enough that she might not be as sure of her future as Bellatrix. Bella is out as she is already a die hard DE. Alice Longbottom(no idea for maiden name) would be the right general age.

Wonder what Harry will do about Pettigrew, don't see him allowing him to hang with the group?

Can't wait to see who all he 'meets' at Hogwarts. A few of the teachers will be very different, and the others will be younger.

Is Harry going to use any of his other knowledge of the future? He could make a personal fortune off investing in the muggle world. Right now he is only second son of the Potters and will not have all the wealth, although I'm sure they will provide something for him.
Investing will give him the resources to accomplish some of the changes to the wizardind world that he wants.
Especially in the future(80s) when the computer companies and electronic companies start-up. Getting in early with companies like Sony, IBM, Apple, Microsoft(Or Even Auto companies like Toyota and Honda that didn't become huge until the 80's.) he could easily make a huge fortune with only a little start up capitol that his family would probably provide.

More soon please.

Author's response

Alice will be about a Fifth year in this story. Hermione already thought out Harry's investments for him, with variations depending on when he gets his hands on money. As for Peter, and other First year house assignments (for the other reviews who asked), Harry will have a talk with the Sorting Hat.

Bellatrix. Die-hard. -- Beavis & Butthead laugh.