Review for Sets of Three, They Say...

Sets of Three, They Say...

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-18

quotable - "Thinking it's as natural as the ability to inhale, and then exhale."

"caffeine to the bloodstream" - makes me think of "I'm Ready" by Jack's Mannequin.

wow. it's a good thing i saved three rating points this week. katy was right about this story. i'm going to have to give her a "huggage".

this is original. thank you for the breath of fresh fanfic air. and yea, i know that sounded cheesy.

Author's response

your first quote. this hit me while i was trying to sleep, and then i had to write it down. it's actually how the story came to life.

the second one. yeah, so what if i'm a jack's
mannequin fan? :).

thanks for rating. you guys are keeping me going, most definitely.

expect another chapter in about...20 minutes.