Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) smargden_2005 2006-11-18

Hello again , Good to read yor writing,
Tha sad thing is - when the chapter ends and I know I have to await LOTS of days.
This story brings in new ideas, loking forward to se you bend them.
I'm also "in history" with my own bitt of story, and I come to the point that if peaple is in to places at the same time post-owl's get in trouble. :-)
In my story Harry-in his present body gos back - temporary.
So I do think of "timelines".
And in this - I do think "Harry" neads tp be born, by his righ James and Lily. Oterways "he" wil NOT be.
And by the way. At teh point of preformence of the ritual : that would have "ENDED" all things of it, like tinning out in some fog. ( In my thoughts - that is the way. ) All is tp be re-done, If not - are there TWO different place of univerc - idf so Harrys OLD friends remain and all bad is still there, and the timetravel is - of no use - for the peaple left.
But let us know - or - we know that the old timeline went out.
And now - just awaiting for the next.