Review for Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Trying To Escape The Inevitable

(#) tdeeley 2013-03-19

Lucy I...
I just...
I don't even know what to say.
It literally left me breathless, I actually have to clutch my chest and catch my breath when I'd finished. It's just so heart wrenching, when Gerard was laughing at him the way you wrote it made me feel like my heart was actually breaking. Now I'm worried for frank.
You are so talented, when I read this I feel as if I'm actually there and it's all playing out in front of my eyes.
I love this story, I live for this story, and I'll keep living just to see what happens next :)
Thank you for writing this, its actually helped me more than you know so thanks.

T xoxo

Author's response

Oh wow, you have no idea what a huge compliment that is. Thank you, thank you so much. I'm so pleased you liked the update, and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such an utterly lovely review. Made me smile so much, thank you! :'D