Review for Screwed up love life

Screwed up love life

(#) jennieman 2006-11-18

i love this story so much. personally, i'm all for the pairing of Archie and Theresa, i dunno, i'm just becoming fixated on them. But if they just remain friends that's cool too, because they're still awesome...much like this story. can't wait for the next chapter, i hope Theresa like, ignores Jay, or mentally beats him up or something lol. anyways, good job and keep it up!

Author's response

WOOT! Jennie is alive! Lol, sorry, we just haven't heard from you anymore:( I'm glad you still stick around, and I was even more estatic when I got a review from you:D Yeah, I love Archie and Theresa pairing, so it might/probably will go there. But slowly, I guess... it'd have to build up to that.. Yes, Theresa will so be ignoring Jay.. hehe. Thanks so much for the awesome review, I love hearing from you!!