Review for Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

(#) Sam41 2013-03-23

Sadie. Stop
I'm not going to go all phsyco one up on you; but you have to realize hun that MCR isn't gone forever
They'll be back, and if not it's up to you and the rest of the fans to keep the spirit alive, keep the fire burning, because you know what? Killjoys never die

But I get it, I've lost 2 influencial bands, one of which will NEVER come back (R.I.P Mitch), but I got over it; no matter if their gone forever, on hiatus, or broke up; the stuff they've done for you will outrun the pain of losing them if you think about it.
Think about those people who you've interacted with due to them, think of all the good times.
Don't dwell on the bad, think of the best things that MCR has done for you, trust me it helps (I've been there twice)