Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-19

i love:

1.) that he can still see his reflection. it causes confusion in him and makes him question things. his denial of the situation comes through vividly with that.

2.) the way you chose to show the readers that he really is dead: cutting himself.

3.)also the way he realizes he doesn't have normal wants, like food, clothing or the want to relieve himself. although he doesn't really put two and two together.

4.) at the end, describing how he died. his mom finding him…now, did that show up on the TV? Did he watch that?

i'm just kind of wondering where it can go from here and how he finds out/realizes he is really dead. what happens then?

Author's response

1.) Yeah, so he´s obviously not a vampire, eh? ;) 2.) Thanks, the mirror came in handy for several reasons. This being one of them. 3.) Yes, locked-up Pete surely isn´t of the quick-witted type. 4.) Yes, that was on the TV. Two scenes, divided by the flickering (which is to indicate that time had passed, because the second scene was in the morning). What happens now is... I´m going to university. ;) Nah, now Pete will be confronted with his past through the TV. Let´s hope he learns something or else he won´t be able to leave the room.