Review for Personalized Oneshots.

Personalized Oneshots.

(#) atomickilljoy 2013-04-06

Name: Jennifer Flores

Email (I'll send you a copy first to make sure you're happy with it):

Pairing (If any. Please stick to MCR): Frank/Oc

Plot: Okay, so, she enters a new school, a preppy one, where she thinks she'll find no one at all that gets her. Surprisingly, she does. Frank becomes her best friend and they do everything together. They soon both realize their eventual feelings for one another, but he's dating another chick. One night, she crashes a date of their's and confesses her feelings for him. The girl is pretty okay with it since she's cheating on him with someone else, and Frank is happy. They start dating. c:

Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair color: black
Hair length: shoulder length
Hair style worn most often: a ponytail
Eye color: brown

Clothing type (IE: Skinnies, dresses, ect?): skinnies, usually, with plaid shirts or band shirts, and converse.

Personality: very sweet, keeps her cool, gets nervous very easily, usually isn't a wild one, but she has her moments.

Health issues you want included?: nope

Piercing/tats: none

Hobbies: singing, playing soccer, and drawing.

Likes: soccer, drawing, singing, reading, and nice, calm days.

Dislikes: dresses, and pop music.

Anything else (I'm sure I forgot something): She's Hispanic. She's also bilingual.

Thanks c: