Review for Personalized Oneshots.

Personalized Oneshots.

(#) Poisoned_Medow 2013-04-06


Name: DearbhlaEmail (I'll send you a copy first to make sure you're happy with it):
Pairing (If any. Please stick to MCR):Gee

Plot: well, im kinda a bitch and a cocky ass to all the friends and him (End up fighting) but gee goes to this meeting but people who have similar problems (bulling)and im there, kinda tell a story how i got picked on through my whole childhood and it got bad and i got to the stage were i blacked out my childhood ect and well, we talked after and well got togther

Height: 5'7
Hair color: blond
Hair length:just below my shoulders
Hair style worn most often:
Eye color:hazel blue/grey hint of green.
Clothing type (IE: Skinnies, dresses, ect?): skinny jeans, big bang theory/ batman top
Personality: well im bitchy, not afraid to "express" her opinion,
Health issues you want included?:depression, has an anxiety disorder and has a schizophrenic (she never told anyone)
Hobbies: art, guitar,cycling
Likes: tea, her dog, she's a gamer so slender man and zombies
Dislikes: heights, big spiders
Anything else (I'm sure I forgot something): well she is a gamer, does not go out alot, tends to talk herself