Review for Personalized Oneshots.

Personalized Oneshots.

(#) xxMikeyxx 2013-04-06

Name: Amy Jones

Email (I'll send you a copy first to make sure you're happy with it):

Pairing (If any. Please stick to MCR): Me and Mikey

Plot: I work at the comic book shop and one night I get attacked in an alley by some guy and he tries to rape me but then Mikey comes to the rescue (Who I've never met). Carries me to his home and looks after me and then eventually we like each other and kiss and yeah

Height: Short

Weight: I'll just say I'm skinny

Hair color: Brown

Hair length: Chest length

Hair style worn most often: A plait like Katniss Everdeen

Eye color: Green

Clothing type (IE: Skinnies, dresses, ect?): Band t-shirts, hoodies, colourful skinny jeans and converse

Personality: Shy, Sweet, Kind, Friendly

Health issues you want included?: No

Piercing/tats: Nose ring

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, playing guitar

Likes: Stars, cookies, ice cream

Dislikes: Bullies, being hurt, small spaces (Claustrophobic)

Anything else (I'm sure I forgot something): Don't think so

Lemme know if you need something else =)