Review for Personalized Oneshots.

Personalized Oneshots.

(#) xXchickenwithatacoXx 2013-04-07

Name: Mia Cassem

Email (I'll send you a copy first to make sure you're happy with it):

Pairing (If any. Please stick to MCR): No pairing, please. I'd be Gerard's daughter in this.

Plot: I don't really know. . Err. . I get kidnapped and he rescues me? Has that plot been used before?

Height: 4'7
Weight: 89 pounds
Hair color: jet black
Hair length: shoulder-length
Hair style worn most often: extremely curly with a thick fringe
Eye color: big and dark brown
Clothing type (IE: Skinnies, dresses, ect?): cute-emo. . ?
Personality: sweet when I want to be, childish, like a kitten, hyper, talkative, bubbly
Health issues you want included?: nahup. c:
Piercing/tats: none
Hobbies: coloring, climbing trees, playing with my kittens, making Dinner with Gee.
Likes: the color purple, sour candy, being held, rock music
Dislikes: spiders. . :(
Anything else (I'm sure I forgot something): Nahup. :D Thank you!